A Word About This Blog

Writing is a gift from God. Sometimes it feels like a curse. Because if an author writes something that necessitates someone reading it.

Why is that a curse?

  • Because what if no one reads what you write?
  • What if they read it and disagree?
  • What if an author gets so busy writing for publication she forgets Who she’s writing for in the first place?

Back in 2013 when I graduated from college and quit my job to “go pro” as an author (without any contract, mind you), I promised God a tithe of my writing. At that time, that was a blog for the church I was a member of at the time.

Then I wrote my first biblical fictionalization in 2015 (an independently published title that is now first in a series of three books) and began writing Christian romance for Sweet Promise Press. With so many “real” author duties (which included maintaining a blog on my website), the blogs for God took a back seat.

All of my writing is for God’s glory.

Except then I burned out. Words wouldn’t come. I’d stare at a blank page or read through a story I once loved and feel…nothing. Or disgust.

When had I lost the joy? Or maybe the correct question was why had I lost the joy?

I felt God whisper, “Where’s my tithe?”

And I knew it was time to get back to blogging about scripture. So I took my burden to my pastor and church, and what you’ll read here is the result.

What topics do you wish more Christians taught about?

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