Is Your Mission Accomplished?

Our pastor began preaching about Jesus Christ from the Book of Acts on March 31, 2019. This past Sunday, he finished preaching through this amazing book of history.

The sermon was titled “Mission Accomplished” and focused on the final chapter, which covers the Apostle Paul’s eventual arrival to Rome and his first interactions with both Jews and believers in the capital of the world.

It was interesting to note that the book has something of an “open” ending. If it were fiction, I might consider it a cliffhanger. And if it were a traditional history book, the publisher would not be impressed.

But when God’s the author, the way He writes the ending is perfect.

Paul’s Mission

If you want to know about the Apostle Paul, check other historical sources. It’s not a secret that he was martyred for his faith in the Lord. Neither the method nor the madness have been hidden.

But the end of his life isn’t in the Bible. Partly because the Lord used Paul to author so much of the New Testament. But mostly because death for Paul was something he anticipated and embraced with joy.

One reason he could do this is because he had accomplished his mission. The Lord had given him a work to do and Paul did it. Nothing man threw at him (including being stoned to death) or the enemy used to sideline him (shipwrecks and mobs who wanted to kill him) kept Paul from spreading the Gospel.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

2 Timothy 4:7

Our Mission

Guess what? We have the same mission to share Jesus Christ with the world.

No, I’m not called to travel all over starting churches like the Apostle Paul, but I am called to write stories. If my stories don’t give a glimpse of Jesus, I’m mishandling my gift and calling.

Everyone who has a testimony of salvation can share their experience with others.

Generally, the hard areas of life are the things God will use as a pathway to witnessing. While my mother was plugged into the “drug cocktail” (her terminology) that was supposed to kill her cancer, she talked to the other people sharing that experience. She shared the hope of Jesus.

During our most hopeless moments, the light of Christ’s hope shines even more brightly.

As I listened to the sermon, I kept wondering if I was sharing the gospel in the midst of this trying year.

Until God takes us home, we have work to do. Sharing what Jesus has done for us eternally and continues to do for us daily is the biggest part of our mission in this life. Are you accomplishing your mission?

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