When No One Seems to Hear

I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me…

Psalm 3:4 KJV

Sometimes it feels like we’re invisible. No one can see us, and our voice must be muffled because people aren’t listening.

It’s even worse when it feels like God has stopped listening to us.

Have you been there?

During the past year, it feels like our beloved United States has become a mass of everyone shouting and very few people listening. That’s not communication.

The thing is, if we’re crying to the Lord, he hears us. He can’t help but hear it all.

But if he isn’t listening to us, there could be a problem. The Bible gives a few reasons why the Lord stops acknowledging our prayers:

  • We have unconfessed sin
  • We haven’t forgiven someone
  • We ask outside his will
  • We ask selfishly (and boy I’m guilty of this one)

If it seems like God isn’t listening, check your heart for the above issues. If you’re “all clear,” be reassured that our Lord is listening, but communicating with him goes both ways, too.

Are you listening to what he’s saying through scripture? Through the impression of the Holy Spirit?

When no one else listens to us, we can be assured our Lord will hear our cries.

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