God is Teaching Me

Show me thy ways O Lord; teach me thy paths

Psalm 25:4 KJV

Things are rough everywhere. In our digital age, the problems of the world loom larger because the globe gets smaller.

Yes, it’s the same size as it’s always been, but with Internet and smart phones and immediate access to video from nearly anywhere, it seems to shrink.

Although 2020 gave us unique challenges, the death toll wasn’t higher than in any other year. Tragedies weren’t worse. Unrest didn’t escalate.

Our access to it and the willingness of traditional media outlets and social media to share and publicize these things expanded. So it FELT like a year of doom and gloom.

In my family, there were unexpected losses. God stretched my faith in unexpected—and let’s be honest, unappreciated—ways. But He’s the King, so it’s his prerogative.

Here are some things the Lord is teaching me these days:

  • I am selfish
  • I am not as mature as I believed
  • My faith is weak
  • I depend too much on things other than God
  • My focus is on the world more than on heavenly things
  • Family is important
  • Opinions don’t carry weight against truth. Not even MY opinions
  • Hope is stronger than diamonds
  • Love isn’t easy and doesn’t always feel good

Share something God has taught you recently in the comments.

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