God Knows How You Feel

Lord all my desire is before thee; and my groaning is not hid from thee

Psalm 38:9

“You don’t know how I feel!” We’ve all said it. We’ve heard other people say it. And many times, it’s true. But it is never true that God doesn’t know how we feel.

God made us. Every emotion we’ve experienced, he felt it first. How do I know?

Because we are created in his image. We are like God in the way we feel and our ability to reason things out.

That’s how we’re different than animals. I love my cats, but they don’t feel things the way I do. And their thoughts center on whether or not there’s food in their dish.

Sure, they get scared. And I like to think they care about me. But their level for grief, sorrow, excitement, joy, and even fury is nothing like the capacity we have.

God knows all those emotions and more. He has experienced the grief of losing a child (and I hope I never have to) and the despair of being betrayed by a friend. He knows what it’s like to love someone and have them walk away.

Whatever you’re feeling, my friend, God knows what it is. He understands how you feel. And even more, he cares about it.

Those tears you shed are important to our Lord.

Consider this reminder a big hug. God loves you. No matter what.

Put thou my tears into they bottle

Psalm 56:8 KJV

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