Do You Doubt

Until recently, I thought doubt signaled weak faith. Am I alone in doubting God’s presence? I don’t doubt His Word is true, but sometimes I think he might decide delivering me isn’t worth it.

Then came the Sunday our pastor preached “John Doubts.” You can listen to the sermon here or here.

Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me

Luke 7:23 KJV

As I took notes, my heart stung a bit. I’d been doubting God about a lot of things for many months. It seemed my pleas for help and guidance fell on deaf ears. Maybe He was done with me, I know I certainly was irritated over my seeming lack of faith.

As my pastor spoke, I jotted this acrostic poem.

As my pastor shared wisdom from the Word, it occurred to me that John the Baptist holds a distinguished place. Jesus said there was no human greater than John (Luke 7:28).

Even though he doubted? That seems crazy. The greats are listed in Hebrews chapter eleven.

That’s when this occurred to me. In the same way, courage is not the absence of fear but doing something in spite of being afraid, faith is doing it when in doubt.

If you’re feeling doubtful, press on. Lean into the truth of God’s Word, but don’t kick yourself.

Not when the greatest human to ever live had doubts, too.

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