What’s Your Favorite Psalm?

It was no coincidence that today’s devotional in MORNINGS WITH JESUS came from Psalm 103. I had already decided to write a blog post about my favorite Psalm, and the devotional shined like a glowing endorsement of the idea from my heavenly Father.

Do you have a favorite Psalm?

Have you been enjoying the daily posts from Psalms on the church’s Facebook page? Not sure you’ve seen them? You can find the page here.

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits

Psalm 103:2

Yes, Psalm 103 is my favorite. Who wouldn’t be charmed by the list of amazing benefits we have because we choose to serve our Creator and make him Lord of our life?

I listed seventeen benefits God gives us as I reflected on this Psalm of David. Check out these twenty-two verses and prepare to be amazed.

Here are the benefits listed in the first couple of verses:

  • Forgives ALL my iniquities
  • Heals ALL my diseases (remember the death of a saint is precious in the Lord’s sight and death is the ultimate end to disease)
  • Redeems my life from destruction
  • Crowns me with lovingkindness and tender mercies
  • Satisfies me with good things

Seriously, you might have benefits from your employer, but none of them are this amazing. And most likely you PAY for them.

God paid the price for our benefit package with him. In full. By the blood of his one and only son, Jesus.

What’s your favorite Psalm? Why is it your favorite?

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