Help! God Is Listening

The psalms of David evoke many emotions, but one of the most common is the utter helplessness the poet feel and his assurance God is listening. Even more wonderful, he knows God will help him.

A great example of this comes from David’s Psalm 40.

Here’s what David did:

  • waited patiently for God
  • Cried out to the Lord for help
  • Praised God for helping him

These are God’s responses to David:

  • Inclined to the prayer
  • Heard the cry
  • Brought David out of the pit
  • Set his feet on a rock
  • Established his goings
  • Put a new song in his mouth

Isn’t our God amazing? He doesn’t have to help us or listen to us, but he wants to. In fact, he promises he will if we: 1) ask according to his will; 2)don’t harbor unconfessed sin (including unforgiveness toward someone); and 3) we ask in faith.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes that last one is the hardest for me.

Still, all I need to do is say, “Help me Lord!” God is listening.

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