Walking by Faith Means Moving Not Waiting

Walking is not standing. Walking is not sitting. Walking, in fact, requires movement, and you can do it while you’re waiting.

Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of local restaurants (in the Portland, OR area) aren’t handing out table buzzers. Instead, they take your cell phone number and text you when the table is ready.

This is great. It means you’re not chained to a small area around the restaurant while you wait.

It means while you’re waiting for a table at Cheesecake Factory in Washington Square, you can head up to some of the stores right there. As luck would have it, two clothing stores I like to shop at are less than fifty steps away from the restaurant.

Waiting has never been one of my favorite things. It’s downright boring.

For the past year, I’ve been waiting for the Lord to show me the next fiction story I’m supposed to write. But instead of staying busy while I waited by writing whatever seemed fun or interesting, I dug my heels in.

“I’m not starting another project until I know for sure it’s what God wants me to write.”

The disappointments of 2019 and 2020 still sting. My creative burnout rears its ugly head if I try to get back on a strict production schedule. And the Lord has opened up a few new doors that leave fewer hours for writing anyway.

Walk by faith, not by sight

2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV

Faith involves action. Waiting involves action, too. Do the next right thing. Use the gifts God has given to serve him in his church and further news of salvation.

These days, there aren’t enough messages of hope.

So, I’m walking again. For me, that means I’m writing. Are these words going to be a novel that lands me a publishing contract? I don’t know. But I know writing them is part of the next steps God has for me. How can you walk by faith while you’re waiting for direction from the Lord?

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