Things I’m Thankful For Today

More than halfway through thankful November, and there are still more things to thank the Lord for today.

I woke up.

I woke up in a comfortable bed with enough sheets and blankets to keep me warm in the chill autumn air.

There was coffee.

My body moved without too much pain.

A hot shower in a lovely walk-in shower reminded me that I have so many blessings others don’t enjoy.

There are problems, sure. Everyone has them. But most of the time our first world problems should drive us to our knees.

We could have so much less. We could sleep on straw in a room with a dirt floor.

Thank You, Jesus, that I was born in the United States of America.

Even though my parents were at the bottom end of the middle class line, I still never went hungry. Yes, we ate potato soup for days when the month was longer than the money, but it was warm and filling.

I always had a mattress to sleep on and clean clothes to wear.

Right now, I’m rejoicing about my two newest grandchildren. These beautiful baby girls are healthy. They thrive under the excellent care of their parents and an advanced preventative-care medical system.

Even better, they don’t live on the other side of the globe, country or even state from me. I can see them regularly. In person. Because there’s nothing more joyful than holding a tiny new life close.

Life is fragile. And yet we keep living.

Thank You, Jesus, for holding our world together so we can live.

These are only a few things I’m thankful for today. What are you thanking the Lord for today?

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