A Virtuous Mother

She rises before the sun
Her work already begun
Lunches to pack, clothes to sort
All done with a prayerful heart.
She smiles at all on her way
Her lips sing kindness and praise
Positive words, encouraging looks
Each one rooted in the Good Book.
She considers her daily chores
Her hands sit idle no more
Beds to make, rooms to clean
Every effort to live as a queen.
She sees numberless needs
Her ears aren’t deaf to pleas
Volunteer hours, donated bags
Giving until her energy lags.
She listens to God’s voice
Her mind plans a choice
Others go first, family reigns
Promised blessings she claims.
She opens her hands and heart
Her love works on after dark
Homework, housework, cooked meals
Hugs, listening ears, being real.
This mother is praised by her own
God blesses her with eternal renown.
*Based on the portrait of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:10-31

Poem written by Sharon Hughson May 17, 2016

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