Who Doesn’t Want Better Things?

If we get a different job, it’s because we want a better one. Same goes for trading in our old car for something better. One book of the Bible has plenty to say about these better things.

Although he doesn’t mention cars or homes, the writer of the book of Hebrews lists at least thirteen things that are better for New Testament believers than what Israel had under the law.

The adults are finishing up this study of Hebrews in Sunday school. It’s important to recognize how good we have it under the new covenant paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice.

  • Here are some of the better things God provides for us in this age:
  • Message
  • Testimony
  • Relationship
  • Access
  • Hope
  • Priesthood
  • Covenant
  • Sanctuary
  • Sacrifice
  • Principle
  • Love
  • System of Worship
  • Service

The book of Hebrews was written to Christians who were of Jewish descent. These believers struggled to leave their old religion behind. That’s why God had the writer of this epistle lay out how much better things were in this new era.

I’m thankful for this better way. It means:

  • No more animal sacrifices because Jesus sacrificed himself once for all
  • No more traveling to Jerusalem to worship
  • No more death sentence for lying or stealing or back-talking parents
  • No more going to a priest for intercession

Jesus paid the price so we could enjoy a better way of worship. But do we honor his sacrifice by regularly worshiping him?

Maybe we would find it simpler to attend three feasts per year and forget about showing up in God’s house every week.

The best thing we have under this new covenant is grace. God’s law exacts huge penalties – death for breaking most of the commandments. Grace says, “Jesus paid that penalty. Go to him and get another dose.”

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing these better things to me. Help me be a better “sister” by following the example you set and living in daily gratitude for this simplified method of honoring God.

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