Ending the Summer of Psalms

Summer’s long days shorten. The scent of cider blots out the smoke of campfires. Kids will return to school. Thus ends the summer of Psalms.

Not sure what I’m talking about?

That must mean you don’t follow my church’s Facebook page.

I’m one of the administrators. This summer, I’ve been posting various verses from the Psalms and encouraging people to read at least one Psalm each day.

If you’re looking for an easy Bible reading plan, a former pastor recommended reading one chapter in Proverbs and one Psalm per day. That would take you through the Book of Proverbs twelve times in a year. With 150 Psalms, you would only read through that book twice in a year.

What is your favorite Psalm?

What is your favorite thing about summer? Are you sad it’s ending?

How can these verses from Psalms encourage you?

A new season is around the corner, but that doesn’t have to put a halt to the reading of a Psalm each day. It surely shouldn’t mean spending less time reading scripture.

Within the book of Psalms, there are five individual songbooks. Book one is Psalm 1-41. Book two is Psalm 42-72. Book three is Psalm 73-89. Book four is Psalm 90-106. The final book is Psalm 107-150. I like to think of the temple choir shuffling through their songbooks to locate what they would sing at each service. One from each book? Only from a single book?

I’m a fanciful one, aren’t I?

Tell me your favorite Psalm in the comments. Why is it your favorite?

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