Our Daily Walk with God

Recently, our pastor has been preaching from various Psalms. Since I adore this book, I’ve been interested in the messages. Then came the Sunday when his text was Psalm 23.

Good grief, I thought. What can we possibly learn from the most familiar Psalm in the world?

Apparently, at least six things that remind us why we need the Bible if we want to be a good sheep to the Lord, our Shepherd.

God’s Word is our road map

It’s difficult to get somewhere if you don’t know where it is. These days, we all carry a map in our pocket. It’s on our smart phone. All we have to do is type in an address and we can get walking or driving instructions.

If you’ve used GPS for long, you know it only works well if the maps are up to date. I have a few stories about forest service roads and driving across the Potomac River if you need examples of GPS fails.

God’s Word keeps us from sin

God has a plan

I’m a planner. But most of the time, there are variables over which I have no control. And those things cut my plans off at the knees.

This won’t happen when we follow God’s plan. It sounds so easy. But when God won’t clue me in, it get hard. I can’t imagine how Abraham felt when God said, “Let’s go. We’re leaving this place.”

He didn’t tell Abraham where they were going. Only that God would give him the land once they got there. Poor Abraham lived in a tent from then on and never owned more than a plot to bury his wife.

And yet, we see the results of God’s plan even now.

God protects us

There’s nothing like having Almighty God in your corner. When something big comes up, I recall that my God is omnipotent and he can handle it. If I’m side-swiped by events, I remind myself the God is omniscient and not at all surprised.

Best of all, he will take care of us much better than we could take care of ourselves.

Walking with God is a privilege

As an American, I have plenty of privileges I take for granted. Having clean water to drink with the twist of a handle is one of them.

As a child of God, I have even more. Why would the Creator of the universe want to walk with me? I don’t know. But he does. So, I should step up and walk with him…on the path he has planned.

God blesses us

Our good relationship with God leads us to fellowship with other believers. Having that community of like-minded people is a huge blessing.

But there’s more. So much more, I couldn’t recount them in twenty-four straight hours of listing them.

Which of these is the most compelling reason you have for walking with God every day?

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