Sing the Second Psalm

The Psalms in the Old Testament are an actual songbook the Israelites used in their temple worship.

We have two different hymnals in the songbook rack on the back of the pews at New Hope. I’ve attended services where churches projected the words of the songs on big displays.

Bro. Harlan has been preaching from the Psalms for a few months, and I hope he continues. I don’t think I’ve sat through as many sermons in the entire forty-some years of my life in church from texts in Psalms as he’s given recently.

And I love it.

Because I love the poetic quality of these songs. Their vibrant emotion echoes in my heart, and it’s comforting to realize that others have experienced similar pain, loss, depression, guilt, anger and even vengeance.

When the literary aspects of these amazing, inspired songs shine through, I get doubly excited. Because I’m an author and a word nerd.

That’s why Psalm Two stars in this post today.

Did you realize the song is one question with four answers? And that each of the four answers comes from a different “audience”?

Let’s imagine a choir singing it. The question (verse one) is proclaimed in booming four-part harmony by the entire group. Its melody drives home the gravity of the subject matter.

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?

Psalm 2:1 KJV

Good question, right?

Then a group of men sings out the next two verses. I hear the tenors echoing this response. Passionate and in a range that even I might have a difficult time reaching (yes, I wouldn’t date a guy who could sing higher than me).

Their answer: Let’s throw off the bondage of serving God and do things the way we want (v. 2-3).

A musical interlude with flutes and wind instruments mimicking the sound of laughter (v.4-5) plays before a bass voices booms out God’s reply: My king reigns (v. 6).

Wait! Isn’t God the king?

In verse seven, God’s king, His Son, declares the decree from God the father. Jesus is God’s only begotten sent to give the earth to his followers (v.8). And those tenors who want to throw off God’s rule? He has plans for them, too (v.9).

The female chorus chimes in now, voicing the words brought to our hearts and mind by the Holy Ghost.

Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling

Psalm 2:11

A quick note: Psalm two is the first Messianic song in the 150-song hymnal.

One question answered four ways.

Which part will you sing in this rendition of the second Psalm?

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