Are You Seeking God?

My oldest granddaughter is three years old, and she loves to play hide and seek. But God doesn’t play games. He hides in plain sight so we can find easily him. But we still have to seek him.

Back to playing hide and seek with my sweet granddaughter. She hides behind furniture or under tables, places that might seem unobtrusive to her but are visible to me.

Truthfully, she wants to be found. How do I know this?

She shrieks with delight when I locate her.

“Your turn to hide,” she says.

Friends, when it comes to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, it’s our turn to seek.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Matt: 7:7 KJV

Why did Jesus tell his disciples, “Seek and you will find”?

Because life is a big game of hide and seek. We think we want one thing, so we search it out and grab it. We might even shriek with delight when we get it, but after we’ve attained, our satisfaction wanes.

On we go to seek the next thing. Because what people are in search of is the peace and contentment only God supplies.

But He doesn’t drop it in our lap. We have to ask. We have to seek. We have to show him that it matters to us. That we want a relationship with him more than we want the next shiny thing the world wags in our face.

Seek God and you will find him. He doesn’t hide. His glory surrounds us in the air we breathe, the sky we view, and the ground we tread upon.

He is near. He is here.

It’s like he is saying, “It’s your turn to stop hiding.”

Life is one long game of seeking God. His will. His face. His presence. His pleasure. His house. His people. His joy. His strength. And knowing him.

Because it will take an eternity sitting before his throne to know the entirety of Almighty God.

Are you seeking God today? He wants to be found.

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