Why Competition and Comparison Don’t Belong in Church

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m competitive, and I’m sad to say I compare myself to others too often. That’s why I can say with complete authority that neither competition nor comparison belongs in church. Needless to say, this has been a lifelong struggle for me. It started innocently enough with the mindset of “be …

Lack of Faith? It Will Cost You

This year, I'm reading through the New Testament using YouVersion Bible app. And I’ve been under conviction about plenty of faults. But one thing keeps echoing over and over: my lack of faith penalizes me.


I was reading along in my Bible like a good Christian should. Things were exciting until The Book stopped me in my tracks.  I’m minding my own business, and Jesus says, “According to your faith be it unto you” (Matthew 9:29).

Are You Worthy of Praise?

A woman would not be considered praiseworthy if she didn’t have an exemplary spiritual life. After all, God’s reckoning of a person is the only one to make an eternal difference.

With all the duties a woman has, when is there time to build a relationship with her Lord? Like anything else of importance, this essential relationship must be given top priority. Before a woman can consider her role as wife, mother, worker or community member, she must find herself at the feet of her Maker being outfitted for these monumental tasks.

This Week in Psalms

Psalm 70 is a major plea for help. In fact, it’s a request for speedy delivery. The writer says make haste three times and ends with “make no tarrying.” Nothing like demanding the Lord hurries up and answers our prayers. I really love the honesty of this song.

Three Things to Remember When Plans Go Awry

This year has been a cacophony of plans gone awry for most of the residents of our world. Travel plans got cancelled. Regular daily activities got halted. Anxiety rose for many people. Relationships weren’t cancelled but some of them felt distant like there was a giant “hold” button pressed above us.