God’s Amazing Grace

What is grace? Its depth exceeds the ocean which means the average believer (talking about myself here) doesn’t fully understand it. Some days, I’m not sure I have even scratched the surface of the awesomeness that is God’s amazing grace. Learn more about it in this post based on sermons from Pastor Jeff Harlan.

Help! God Is Listening

The psalms of David evoke many emotions, but one of the most common is the utter helplessness the poet feel and his assurance God is listening. Even more wonderful, he knows God will help him.

Do You Doubt

Until recently, I thought doubt signaled weak faith. Am I alone in doubting God’s presence? I don’t doubt His Word is true, but sometimes I think he might decide delivering me isn’t worth it. Then came the Sunday our pastor preached “John Doubts.” You can listen to the sermon here or here. Blessed is he, …

Words Matter

What we say matters. Believe it or not, what we think matters nearly as much. In Psalm 19, the Lord makes it clear why this is true. The saying goes, “You are what you think you are.” There’s even a Proverb that confirms this isn’t a manmade adage. For as he thinketh in his heart, …