God’s Amazing Grace

What is grace? Its depth exceeds the ocean which means the average believer (talking about myself here) doesn’t fully understand it. Some days, I’m not sure I have even scratched the surface of the awesomeness that is God’s amazing grace. Learn more about it in this post based on sermons from Pastor Jeff Harlan.

Feeling Forgotten

Over the past year, many people have suffered isolation thanks to the “stay home, stay safe” initiatives around the county (and world). When no one calls or stops by, it’s easy to feel forgotten.

But are you forgotten by God? Not likely. How could the omniscient Creator of every cell in your body forget about you?

On Being a Writer

As I considered Luke writing two incredible letters to his friend Theophilus, I began reflecting on my own writing. The word “inspiration” gets tossed around by writers all the time. But when we’re thinking about God’s Word being inspired, it’s obvious that sort of inspiration doesn’t exist today. God’s word is inspired, as it tells …

Closing the Book on 2020

A certain satisfaction comes from typing 2020 for the last time. Okay, it probably isn’t the last time, but after the craziness encapsulated in this calendar year, my human compulsion is to say “good riddance.”

But there’s no guarantee that divisions will cease or viruses will be cured in the new year. The insanity of our world spinning totally out of control might not be any different once the calendar says January 2021.