Through the Storm with Jesus

In stormy times, I’ve learned the best way to maintain a Christ-centered perspective is to count my blessings. One of the blessings of this quarantine is the access to spiritually uplifting content online. You don’t even have to look further than Facebook.

No Such Thing as a Coincidence

The preacher uses a text. The next day, your devotional book references one of the verses from the text. Then the writer of the marriage book you’re working through repeats the same scripture.

It doesn’t take three times before the light goes off, does it?

How Much Does “Keeping up with the Joneses” Cost?

This blog’s goal is to share reflections on sermons and lessons experienced at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. However, the author doesn’t learn spiritual lessons only at church. Does anyone? This post is loosely connected to chapter fifteen from the most recent book by Kurt Bubna (pastor of Eastpoint Church in Spokane Valley, WA) called …

God’s Amazing Grace

What is grace? Its depth exceeds the ocean which means the average believer (talking about myself here) doesn’t fully understand it. Some days, I’m not sure I have even scratched the surface of the awesomeness that is God’s amazing grace. Learn more about it in this post based on sermons from Pastor Jeff Harlan.