Feeling Forgotten

Over the past year, many people have suffered isolation thanks to the “stay home, stay safe” initiatives around the county (and world). When no one calls or stops by, it’s easy to feel forgotten.

But are you forgotten by God? Not likely. How could the omniscient Creator of every cell in your body forget about you?

The Secret to Getting what you Want

In this selfish world, Christmas seems to be about buying more things, getting more things. Everyone wants what they want, and they're willing to run up a credit card bill to get it.

But that's not what Christmas is about. Let's take a few minutes to consider that God has the power to grant our every wish.

This Week in Psalms

Psalm 70 is a major plea for help. In fact, it’s a request for speedy delivery. The writer says make haste three times and ends with “make no tarrying.” Nothing like demanding the Lord hurries up and answers our prayers. I really love the honesty of this song.

Three Things to Remember When Plans Go Awry

This year has been a cacophony of plans gone awry for most of the residents of our world. Travel plans got cancelled. Regular daily activities got halted. Anxiety rose for many people. Relationships weren’t cancelled but some of them felt distant like there was a giant “hold” button pressed above us.